Partners & Senior Associates


Mr. Abdulla Hashim is the founding Partner of AHA Associates.

Abdulla Abdulrahman Hashim is a practicing lawyer & attorney, and political & human rights activist in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Abdulla Hashim graduated with a B.A. of Law from the Beirut Arab University in 1983 and established AHA Associates in 1984. After 3 years study in Cairo University, and one year in Beirut Arab University. He finished in 1983, and established AHA Associates in 1984.

He has practiced Law since in many specialized yet diverse areas. His main legal practice includes Banking & Commercial litigation, as well as Commercial Agencies Law, Trade Marks and Intellectual Property litigation. Has also been a main focus of his in the past Criminal Law.

Areas of Practice & Specialty:

Commercial Law, Commercial Banking & Finance, Criminal Law, Commercial Arbitration.



Ahmed Abohady is AHA Associate’s senior legal consultant, with 15 years of experience in the legal profession. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Ainshams University in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2001, he obtained his diplomas in criminal law and public law from the University of Cairo in 2005 and 2006 respectively. His experience includes representation at the Higher Appeal Court and the State Council in Egypt, as well as the legal advisor to several companies and law firms including Auto Desk Company from 2009-2011. He has been an essential part to AHA Associates since joining in 2013.

Areas of Practice & Specialty:

Commercial Law, Companies Law, Banking and Insurance Law, and Criminal Litigation.

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Alaa joined AHA Associates in 2012, and is extremely experienced at handling sensitive and difficult criminal cases. Never shy from a challenge, Alaa is also one of our main faces in the Court, MOJ and is equipped with the experience and know-how needed. She also has fantastic relationships within many ministries and government authorities, allowing her to find a solution to any problem. Alaa is also widely experienced in company matters and regularly establishes companies and commercial registers for the clients we represent.

Areas of Practice:

Criminal litigation, establishment of companies



We are happy to be working with her in achieving her professional ambitions. Zainab completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics System at AMA University. She is an excellent office coordinator, as well responsible for all administrative duties and ensures the smooth and proficient running of our office.